On Wings and Ash by Jo Holloway was my only read in June. Talk about reading slump! But it was the perfect story to get me out of my slump and excited to read everything I can get my hands on.

Set in Ancient Greece, On Wings and Ash follows seventeen-year-old Alessa, a Pyxsee who can sense and speak to the immortal beings called Pyx who share consciousness with animals. The novel starts the morning of a big festival in Alessa’s village of Vamis. Throw in the mean sons of the Elites, a dashing Spartan Captain, the handsome calvary horse groom, an immortal goose, and a runaway princess, and you have the makings of an exciting story that will leave you wanting more.

I enjoyed this book because it kept me guessing. I loved the ending, but it wasn’t what I thought would happen! The book also plays with one of my favorite tropes: the unreliable narrator. I wouldn’t call this narrator unreliable, exactly, but the play on the trope is fun. It was a fun romp through the forests and villages of Ancient Greece.

The ending was a little rushed, but mostly because I didn’t want it to end! I’d love to read more about the characters and find out how their next chapters turn out.

This book is available on Amazon.com for only $0.99!

On Wings and Ash is a standalone companion novel to the Immortal Voices series. The first book in the series is a YA Contemporary Fantasy novel titled Secrets of Green and Gold.

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